About Sharon Jaffe

Sharon Jaffe is a self-proclaimed Child-Wrangler and Baby Whisperer at the Noah’s Ark Store. Prior to her eight years at the Skirball, Sharon spent her time working in Jewish schools, camps, and synagogues, and volunteering at her daughter’s school. She now has a son who got married a year ago and a daughter studying communications at AJU. When not wrangling children, she enjoys watching movies with her husband and two dogs, doing jigsaw puzzles, and eating dark chocolate (no nuts).

Artful Penguins: A Gift from a Noah’s Ark Visitor

During my days staffing the Noah’s Ark Store, I know I work in a magical place. I’ve seen toddlers take their first steps. I’ve seen children who don’t know each other and don’t speak the same language play together. I’ve seen eighteen-month-olds negotiate their parents up from one toy purchase to three. I’ve seen good parenting and bad parenting, tantrums and delight, joy and sorrow, excitement and disappointment. And sharing. Lots and lots of sharing.

In celebration of Penguin Awareness Day, let me tell you about my good friend Aiden.

Aiden is nine years old. A cute red-haired boy, he comes to Noah’s Ark regularly with his family and has been drawing the animals aboard the Ark since he was four. I took special notice of him because he always came with a drawing pad. Eventually, Aiden began showing me his drawings after his visits to the Ark. He told me that he dreams about one day opening up his very own exhibit—re-creating the animals, adding attractions, and even creating items for his very own gift shop.

A few of Aiden's sketches and the Noah's Ark animals they are modeled after—this is one talented kid!

A few of Aiden’s early sketches and the Noah’s Ark animals they are modeled after—this is one talented kid!

One day last year when Aiden was visiting, I asked if he would draw a picture for me. He was happy to oblige! He asked me what my favorite animal on the Ark was, and I said the penguins. He agreed to bring his picture the next time they visited. Many months passed and I didn’t really expect him to remember. Continue reading

People, Let Me Tell You ‘Bout My Best Friends

A little storytelling and impromptu drumming with Noah’s Ark fans Griffin and Zoe.

A little storytelling and impromptu drumming with Noah’s Ark fans Griffin and Zoe.

I have the best job. Ever. My job title is something like Retail Sales Associate at Audrey’s Museum Store, which means I sell toys and books to people visiting Noah’s Ark at the Skirball. But really I like to call myself the Toddler Whisperer because I spend my days interacting with very young children. My measure of a good day isn’t how many sales I’ve had, but rather, how many of my “regulars” have come to visit. I have a whole pocketful of friends:

Jasper, my animal expert, knows everything there is to know about the wild kingdom. At four years old, he can identify a Xenops or a vole as readily as a pig and a cow (the latter two being alike because, as Jasper informed me recently, “they are both farm animals”). On one of his visits, he brought his most special animal book to share with me. I was expecting a small board book or a thin paperback. Out of his backpack came a heavy animal encyclopedia that must have taken quite a bit of effort for him to lug around. I was so happy that he wanted to share it with me. Together we sat and looked through it.

You can always tell when Aidan and his younger brother Connor are approaching the store. You hear the calls of “Shaaarrrooonnn! It’s my friend!” as Aidan enters the store and gives me a hug. Aidan likes to sit at our little “touch table,” where kids can feel free to play with select store goodies, and try out the toys. He often comes up with creative names for them. Continue reading