About Catherine Aurora

Catherine Aurora has been at the Skirball since January 2008. As assistant registrar, she assists in caring for the museum permanent collection and loaned objects to be displayed in exhibitions. Outside the Skirball, Cathy spends her time chasing after a rambunctious toddler and perpetually has a Nick Jr. cartoon theme song stuck in her head.

Saying Yes to the Dress


Gift of Mary and Sidney Green. SCC 9.26.

Gift of Mary and Sidney Green. SCC 9.26.

This lovely bridal gown—worn first by Eva Selbin in 1912, then altered for use by her daughter for a second generation of wear in 1936—has found new life once again… as the newest addition to the Skirball’s core exhibition, Visions and Values.

We were excited to help bring this treasured family heirloom in our permanent collection back into the galleries. As we prepared to display it, we checked in with our Senior Curator, Grace Cohen Grossman, who had studied the object in depth when the Skirball presented the exhibition Romance and Ritual: Celebrating the Jewish Wedding. Grace pointed out details of the garment. “The style of the silk satin dress with high collar and asymmetrical bands of lace is typical of the Belle Époque period, prior to World War I,” she explained. “It has a romantic, ethereal look.”

But it is no simple matter to take an object from collection storage and place it on view. Often preparations begin weeks, sometimes months, in advance during the curatorial research and conservation phases, before museum staff can even consider an installation date. Once that work is done and an object has been prepped for display, the installation itself is no piece of (wedding) cake!

So how does it happen?  It begins with a mannequin…

Mannequin… which must be vacuumed and prepped for display. This includes measuring it for proper fit, making adjustments to its height and waist size, and removing the arms to facilitate the dressing process.Prepping the mannequin Continue reading