EL AL Poster Competition–We Have a Winner!

Chis Kim A., shown here with his poster alongside Liora Avrahami from EL AL Airlines, designer Arnold Schwartzman, and Skirball curator Doris Berger. Photos by Shoshana Maimon.

We have a winner! When we opened the exhibition To the Point: Posters by Dan Reisinger last month, not only were we excited to have the unique and inspired designs of Dan Reisinger on view in our Ruby Gallery, but thanks to his many years of collaboration with EL AL Israel Airlines and the support of the Consulate General of Israel, we were able to offer the opportunity for anyone to share their designs with us and enter a contest to win airfare to Israel via EL AL! We are happy to announce that Chris Kim A. (click here to read how he got the “A” from Andy Warhol!) has won the contest, and excited to share the winning poster as well as the designs of seven other finalists below.

Open to participants ages fourteen and older, contestants were asked to submit their own Reisinger-inspired designs for a poster advertisement promoting EL AL’s flights from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv, Israel. In addition to being awarded two airline tickets to Israel, the winner would also have their poster presented at the Skirball alongside the exhibition’s beautiful selection of Reisinger posters.

Without exception, every submission we received was impressive. It was a difficult decision, but after much deliberation, a panel of judges from the Skirball Cultural Center and the Consulate General of Israel narrowed it down to eight entries that were then sent to Dan Reisinger and his longtime friend and fellow graphic designer Arnold Schwartzman.

As part of the submission process, we asked each designer to tell us how their entry was inspired by Reisinger’s work. Here is winner Chris Kim A.’s response:

For my poster design, I took the suggestion to derive inspiration from Dan Reisinger’s graphic pieces in the show—what first caught my attention was the stark, open field, the geometric shapes, the flat (but bold) colors—and how his compositions use familiar symbology to relay a particularly recognizable iconic reference to assist the viewer in establishing a direct context for each of the pieces. His images are bright, clever and fun, and thoroughly enjoyable to explore as a designer and artist.
Since the contest is intended to be an advertisement for EL AL’s Los Angeles to Tel Aviv flights, I wanted to incorporate both Los Angeles as well as Tel Aviv references. Using the proximity of the letters “L” and “A” (in EL AL’s name) to impart the popular diminutive nickname of Los Angeles, I transformed the letters into representations of the Bauhaus-style buildings for which Tel Aviv is so widely known. The choice to borrow heavily and directly from the design and composition style of Mr. Reisinger was primarily so that the piece would maintain visual continuity with the client’s (EL AL) marketing and be seamlessly integrated with the campaign.

EL AL Israel Airlines design finalists

The winning poster!

Come check out Chris Kim A.’s winning poster, on view now in the Ruby Gallery until May 11! The Skirball, EL AL, and the Consulate General of Israel would not only like to thank Chris for sharing his design and insights, but everyone who participated in this contest. We hope it was a great experience for all involved.

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One thought on “EL AL Poster Competition–We Have a Winner!

  1. It was such an honor to participate in the contest and to have my submission selected from among so many impressive entries. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to have gotten to meet Arnold Schwartzman, and am absolutely ecstatic to have my work on display alongside that of Dan Reisinger at the Skirball Cultural Center. What a tremendous honor!

    Thank you to Lisa and the team at Skirball, El Al Israel Airlines and all who were involved in putting this together. Although I have yet to schedule the trip, I am very much looking forward to traveling to Tel Aviv and my very first time visiting Israel some time in the next few months.

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