Skribbles: We are Family

Skribbles: We are FamilySkribbles_Cary Meshul_Cypress13_Panels-2Skribbles_r1_Cypress13_Panels-3Skribbles_r2_Cypress13_Panels-4Skribbles_r1_Cypress13_Panels-5Skribbles_r1_Cypress13_Panels-6Skribbles_r1_Cypress13_Panels-7 Skribbles_r1_Cypress13_Panels-8Skribbles_r1_Cypress13_Panels-9Skribbles_r1_Cypress13_Panels-10Skribbles_r1Cypress13_Panels-11

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About Cary Meshul

Cary Meshul is the Skirball’s Art Director. His career has involved both fine art and graphic design. As an art director, Cary has worked for such companies as Paper Moon Graphics, MGM, NBC, and 20th Century Fox. His work as a fine artist, which includes watercolors, ink paintings, and oil paintings, has been shown internationally. Cary has traveled extensively and lived abroad, including in Egypt and China.

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