President’s Greeting: May/Jun 2013

UDH greetingReproduced on the cover of the May/Jun 2013 issue of At the Skirball and the April 25–May 2, 2013 issue of the L.A. Weekly (pictured at left) is the new painting The Door Is Always Open, by celebrated artist Gary Baseman.

The title of this work—like that of our major new exhibition on the artist’s life and career—borrows a phrase from Gary Baseman’s own father. Ben Baseman used to tell his son, “Gary, the door is always open.” It was a reminder that the Fairfax District four-plex that he called home would always provide protection and loving kindness.

At the Skirball, we have been moved by this father-son anecdote, for its spirit of embrace resonates with our mission of welcome. More broadly, we acknowledge the “open doors” that Baseman perceives between his family heritage and creative output. As the exhibition demonstrates, Baseman explores many facets of his identity as a first-generation American, the son of Holocaust survivors, who was raised with core Jewish values and a great appreciation for the freedoms we enjoy in the United States. In his work, Baseman gives expression to the artistic visions, cherished memories, and deeply held beliefs that stem from this personal life story.

Please join us in the coming months for the exhibition Gary Baseman: The Door Is Always Open in addition to a rich array of lectures, films, concerts, classes, and family programs.

Both glowing with pride, Gary Baseman and I celebrate the opening of the exhibition.

Both glowing with pride, Gary Baseman and I celebrate the opening of the exhibition.

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