Toby on the wallGary Baseman’s beloved companion, Toby, has been all over the world, from Rio to Chiang Mai, Moscow to D.C. But what L.A. hotspot do you think he has missed? Let us know by July 26 and Gary will pick one of your suggestions and take a photo of Toby there. Come see the photographic proof of Toby’s visit unveiled before the exhibition closes on August 18, 2013!

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If you include your name we will let you know if your idea is picked!

Or comment below and we’ll add your idea to the list.

Here’s a running list of your ideas so far:

  • Top of Runyon Canyon (anonymous)

  • Burbank Horse Stables (submitted by Jennifer)

  • On the Monkey Bars at the Willow Elementary School Playground in Agoura Hills (submitted by Lisa)

  • Waterfall at Temescal Canyon (anonymous)

  • Sipping Absinthe at The Edison Bar Downtown (anonymous)

  • Walt Disney Concert Hall Rooftop (submitted by Kim)

  • Napping on the Metro Rapid 761 (submitted by Sara)

  • Working behind the counter at Amoeba Records (submitted by Nikki)

  • Rowing on the canals in Venice (anonymous)

  • Standing underneath the Space Shuttle Endeavour at the CA Science Center (anonymous)

  • Behind the DJ booth at Liquid Kitty (submitted by Lisa)

  • Gift shop window at El Coyote Restaurant (anonymous)

  • In the lion cage at the Forgotten Zoo in Griffith Park (submitted by Pauline)

  • On the Ferris Wheel on the Santa Monica Pier (submitted by Desiree)

  • Fishing off the end of the Washington Blvd Pier in Venice (submitted by Desiree)

  • Hollywood Sign (submitted by Annabelle and Audrey, age 7)

  • Watts Towers (submitted by Annabelle and Audrey, age 7)

  • La Brea Tar Pits (submitted by Annabelle and Audrey, age 7)

  • Chinatown (submitted by Annabelle and Audrey, age 7)

  • City Hall (submitted by Annabelle and Audrey, age 7)

  • Museum of Natural History (submitted by Annabelle and Audrey, age 7)

  • Bring Toby to the Gamble House in Pasadena. He’d love it! (submitted by Kori)

  • Fairfax High Class of 2013 Graduation (submitted by Anna)

    Date: 6/4/2013

    Time: 6:00 PM–8:00 PM

    Location: The Shrine Auditorium

  • Fairfax High Hall of Fame (submitted by Anna)

  • Photograph him on the Hollywood Walk of Fame sitting on the star of early motion picture actress TOBY WING.  (The star is at 6561 Hollywood Blvd). Sit Toby on the star, covering the “Wing” with just “Toby” showing!  This would visually honor the iconic Walk of Fame location as well give Toby his “own” star! (And he deserves his own Hollywood Walk of Fame star!).  With all due respect to Ms. Wing—she was one of the original “Goldwyn Girls” and was in Mack Sennett films…quite beautiful too.  (submitted by Terry)

  • The goat yard at the LA Zoo! (submitted by @zoogirl123)

  • Toby could conduct with Dudamel at Disney Hall! (submitted by Helen)

  • Toby looking through the telescope at Griffith Park Observatory. (submitted by J.y.)

  • Toby looking through the 100″ telescope on Mount Wilson. (submitted by J.y.)

  • How about Toby riding on Angels Flight? How could he not be happy? (submitted by J.y.)

  • Toby should go sit inside the hole of the giant donut atop Randy’s Donuts. (submitted by Carlos A.)

  • Toby should sit next to a cocktail, in front of the Hirshfeld mural inside the Frolic Room. (submitted by Carlos A.)

  • Toby should go to Star Trek Academy aka Tillman Reclamation Building @ Japanese Gardens (submitted by American Institute of Architects, San Fernando Valley Chapter)

  • Has Toby been to Slab City (Salton Sea California)? (submitted by Irma)

  • Toby should go to the bar at Antonio’s Mexican Restaurant on Melrose (in the Fairfax district) and make a toast with Antonio himself. (submitted by Adele)

  • Walt Disney Concert Hall (submitted by Patrick)

  • Toby should visit Randy’s Donuts or The Donut Man! or Bobs Donut Shop at 3rd & Fairfax! DONUTS FTW! (submitted by DeadLindy)

  • Garden of OZ, in Bronson Canyon (submitted by Brett)

  • Pinks (submitted by Myrchelle)

  • Rainbow bar to meet Lemmy from Motorhead! YEAH! (submitted by Paola)

  • Hollywood Spa or Roscoes’ Chicken and Waffles (submitted by Sean)

  • Olvera street– culture and great food. (submitted by Yvette)

  • The Hollywood sign of course ! (submitted by Beth)

  • Watts Towers 1765 E 107th St, Los Angeles, CA 90002 (submitted by Renay)

  • LaBrea Tar Pits (submitted by Diane)

  • Lil Tokyo!!! (submitted by Lua)

  • The Magic Castle. (submitted by Stephanie)

  • Clifton’s Cafeteria! Toby would love it there! (submitted by Apple Tangerine)

  • Or the Venice Freak Show. He would fit right in. (submitted by Apple Tangerine)

  • Muscle beach in venice or venice’s new zip line! (submitted by Judy)

  • NASCAR (submitted by Sheila)

  • The Santa Monica pier merry go round (submitted by Sheila)

  • Mah Jong with me and my friends (submitted by Sheila)

  • At my Pilates class (submitted by Sheila)

  • Going down a slide at a park (submitted by Sheila)

  • Pony ride in Griffith park (submitted by Sheila)

Thanks Annabelle, Audra, and Renay! Gary chose to take Toby and visit The Watts Towers! Skirball_toby_Watts Towers


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8 thoughts on “WHERE IN L.A. SHOULD TOBY GO?

  1. With Chewy the best Pomeranian in the world, or in the taxidermied alligator mouth om the table or just eating at a Wolvesmouth dinner!! They’re something special for sure! Craig Thornton and Matthew Bone always make it a good time.

  2. I agree with la brea tar pits , it would be fun … But since that idea is taken , I will go with the old may company building …that’s a LAglitzy landmark! No?

  3. Make it a night of fun in the Los Feliz/LA area. Take Toby this Saturday (June 22) to the 11:30pm showing of “Into the Zone” at the Vista theatre. ~Before the movie, go to the Cacophony Party from 6-10 p.m. – FREE at La Luz de Jesus / Wacko. ~You know, he may be a member already

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