Step Right Up for Family Fun

I can’t believe it’s Labor Day Weekend! There hasn’t been a dull moment here in Family Programs all summer long. What has been so wonderful is to see families come in for one of our Family Amphitheater Performances, check out the Family Art Studio, pop over to our archaeological dig site, and play games as part of our Game On! program….all in one afternoon. One day, there was a family from Miami who had never been to the Skirball. When they arrived at the art studio, their eldest daughter (there were three kids total, and I’m guessing the eldest was around eleven) was feeling a bit grumpy. She just didn’t want to be there (there was even some tears). But by the time they left, the whole family was all smiles. The mom let me know how grateful she was that they had visited such a wonderful and special place. That’s music to my ears!

Just one more weekend to enjoy summer family fun at the Skirball. To get you excited about coming over, check out some highlights that I (along with a few from photographer friends) captured from the past few weeks.

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About Jen Maxcy

Jen Maxcy is the Head of Family Programs at the Skirball where she helps oversee everything from playdates to specials events, art projects and the archaeology dig. Originally from the East Coast, Jen came to LA as an actor years ago to take a “short break” from New York. She now happily resides in Santa Monica with her two children, her partner Timm and his son, two silly dogs, and a rabbit. Often referred to as a “hippy” by her children, Jen enjoys connecting to people, animals, and nature—and loves her work at the Skirball.

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