My Top 10 Puppet Festival Moments

I was among the many excited visitors and staff who were at the Puppet Festival on Sunday, April 1. It was a joyous day. During the daylong program, I worked with a terrific photographer, Peter Turman, to capture the day in pictures, meeting many Puppet Festival attendees along the way and catching countless special moments. Here are just ten memorable moments caught on camera that give a sense of what the Puppet Festival was all about: an array of puppets throughout the day and fun for the whole family.

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About Kim Kandel

Kim Kandel is the Communications and Marketing Assistant at the Skirball. She began as an External Affairs summer intern in 2010, and has been here to stay ever since. A native Westsider and recent UCLA grad, Kim spends most of her free time culturally consuming LA with friends. From trying new restaurants in Downtown LA (DTLA) to sampling dance classes in Culver City, she loves having new experiences and telling her co-workers about them the next day. Next on her list of things to try: Chynna Dim Sum Lounge in Little Tokyo. Random fun fact: One will often find half-empty Coffee Bean vanilla soy lattes and Diet Coke cans on her desk, for, as much of a coffee and Diet Coke fan as she is, Kim is perpetually incapable of finishing an entire beverage.

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