Happy National Find-a-Rainbow Day!

Yes, today is National Find-a-Rainbow Day! And with all the sunlight and glass around here, one can find more than a rainbow a day every day at the Skirball.

Here are some of my favorites. No touch-ups were made to any of these photos.

Skirball rainbows!Skirball RainbowsSkirball RainbowsOh wait, that's not a rainbow!Oh wait, that’s a dust mop. But it’s kind of cool anyway…

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About Tom Schirtz

Tom Schirtz is Head of Exhibition Design and Production at the Skirball. He’s also an artist, graphic designer, photographer, writer, Air Force Veteran, and onetime short order cook. As a printmaker and curator, he has worked with the likes of Richard Serra, Robert Rauschenberg, Roy Lichtenstein, and Ellsworth Kelly. His favorite memory of that period of his life is sharing zucchini with Alan Ginsberg (long story). Tom is smitten with the Southern California desert and considers a particular (secret) peak in Joshua Tree National Park his favorite place in the known universe.

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